Step 1: Register your family here.

Step 2:  Print out this year’s Calendar and Bracket here.

Step 3:  Beginning on Ash Wednesday, look at your calendar each day to see which two saints are competing that day.

Step 4:  Learn about each of the two saints.

Step 5: Vote first within your own family for your favorite.

Step 6: Then please cast one vote per family or classroom in the online poll on the website.  A new poll will be posted each morning. If you are registered, you’ll receive an email each day reminding you to vote. If you miss a day, no problem!  Just jump in the next day!  All votes are completely anonymous, so no one will know if you miss.  🙂

Step 7: The next morning, see who won and fill in your bracket!  If there is a tie, we will toss a coin in our family to decide the winner.

Step 8: Continue this process, Monday through Friday during Lent, until we have a winner of the Heavenly Crown!