This year’s Saint Bracket and Calendar:

Bracket 2023

Calendar 2023

Optional Map:

Using a colored pencil or crayon, choose a color to shade the country or state in which a saint lived or was born. Then color in the key for each saint with the matching color for that country.

Map 2023

Saint Biographies:

Feel free to use the following links to websites that provide brief biographies of the saints we’re learning about this Lent. These links will also be shared in the daily emails that you will receive if you register.

*Note: Please preview the information before sharing with your children or students, as I have not had a chance to read through all of the information at each website.

Week 1 Links (February 22-24)

Week 2 Links (February 27-March 3)

Week 3 Links (March 6-10)

Week 4 Links (March 13-15)