Welcome to Catholic Madness!

Citrowske Family

We are the Citrowske family, a homeschooling family from O’Fallon, Missouri (about 30 miles west of St. Louis).  In 2015, in a search for a way to keep our boys engaged in Lent, I stumbled upon an idea from an Episcopalian minister called Lent Madness, lentmadness.org(a play off of college basketball’s March Madness) and decided to try to Catholicize it!  We invited other families to join us to make it more fun and excite the natural competitiveness of boys!  The idea is for each family to learn about two saints each day of Lent (Monday through Friday) for a total of 32 saints during the whole of Lent.  Each day families vote on their favorite of the two saints “competing” that day and cast their vote in an online poll.  We continue the process until we narrow the saints down to 16, then 8, then 4, and finally two.  On the final day, we choose one saint to win the “Heavenly Crown!”  We’d love for you to join us this year!