Friday, February 24

Wow! What a close one we had yesterday! Congratulations, St. Martin!

Surprisingly to me, my two youngest sons could tell me all about St. Martin and St. Rose from listening to the Glory Stories CD’s. They used to listen to them every night. They haven’t listened to them for 2 years but still remembered! I would highly recommend these CD’s from Holy Heroes… They also offer them as MP3 downloads. As we go through Lent, if you have any recommended books, audios, or videos about our saints, let me know, and I’ll post them on the website under “Downloads and Other Resources”. Just message me using the “Contact” tab.

We have two more great saints “competing” today!

Today’s winner was St. Isaac Jogues!

5 thoughts on “Friday, February 24

  1. Go go go go go go go go St. Peter Claver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🏆😆😄🙌🥇AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I WANT US TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍👏🏼🤴🏼🦥 I know
    You are going to win 🏅 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yay 👏🏼😻. Go St. Peter ya!!!!!!!!!!!!🐸🐒


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