“Young people, do not be afraid to be holy! Fly high, be among those whose goals are worthy of sons and daughters of God. Glorify God in your lives!”

~St. John Paul II


Welcome to Catholic Madness 2021!

Registration is now open!

In this difficult time in our world and in the Church, the courage and faith of the young saints of our Church can be such an inspiration to all of us, especially our children.  What a wonderful time to learn about these holy young people and be inspired by their powerful example in the face of great challenges! 

If you’d like to join us this year to learn more about these young saints of the Church, please register at this link.  If you are registered, you will receive daily reminders to vote in the online poll as well as weekly website suggestions for learning about the saints “competing” each week.

Then don’t forget to print out this year’s Calendar and Saint Bracket and get ready to start on Ash Wednesday!

If you’re new this year, please click on the “How It Works” tab on the sidebar for more information on how to play Catholic Madness.

Thank you so much for joining our family this year! We’re excited to get to know these holy young men and women with you during Lent!


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